Fourth circular (dowload as pdf)
February 4, 2010

Registration Info

In order to register to the Word Classes Conference, you should:

1) Pay the early registration fee according to the following schema: 

Regular fee:             € 40,00
PhD students           € 20,00

using the online form to be found here:

2) Forward the receipt to together with contact data (name, surname, affiliation).
If you are an MA/BA student, just send an e-mail with your data to Please note that this e-mail is necessary to be registered.

The deadline for registration is March, 15. 

After March 15, registration will still be possible, either online or on site, although late registration fees will be applied:

Regular fee:             € 60,00
PhD students           € 30,00

Needless to say, participants are strongly encouraged to register early, in order to facilitate organisational matters.

For any information, please contact

Logistic Info

How to get to the venue 
[Via Ostiense 236, Roma ➠ Google Map]

From Fiumicino “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport (FCO) to the venue

	Direct train “Leonardo Express” from Fiumicino Airport to Termini Station + underground
The train takes 30 minutes to get to the Termini Station and runs every 30 minutes (from 6.35 am to 11:35 pm). One-way ticket: 11 euro (purchasable at automatic machines or ticket offices at Fiumicino Airport and Termini Station).
Once you are at Termini Station, take the underground (see the map of transports here) - Line B towards “Laurentina” – till the stop Marconi. Out of the Marconi station, take the stairs on the left to reach Via Ostiense. At the bottom of the stairs, go ahead through the car park and you will end in Via Ostiense, 236 in a minute. Here is the Faculty of “Lettere e Filosofia”. The colloquium takes place in the “Aula Magna”: to reach the Aula Magna, take the stairs at the left of the main entrance.

	Metropolitan train from Fiumicino Airport to Ostiense Station + underground
From Fiumicino Airport take the Metropolitan train FM1 to Orte and/or Fara Sabina. Trains leave every 15 minutes (30 on Sundays or Bank holidays) and take 35 minutes to reach the Ostiense Station (from 5.57 am to 10:57 pm). One-way ticket: 5 euro (purchasable at automatic machines or ticket offices at Fiumicino Airport and Ostiense Station).
From Ostiense Station take the underground - Line B towards “Laurentina” – till the stop Marconi (N.B. the name of the underground stop of the Ostiense Station is “Piramide”). Then follow the instructions above. 

From Airport Ciampino “G.B. Pastine” (CIA) to the venue

	Coach + underground
Take the coach to the Anagnina Station (terminal station of the underground). The coach runs every 30 minutes until 11 pm. Then take the underground (Line A) towards “Battistini/Termini” and get off at Termini. Then follow the instructions above.
There are also private coaches linking Ciampino Airport to Termini Station. Tickets cost 8 euro.
 	If you arrive after 11 pm, you must take a taxi.

Useful links

Maps and routes:
Tourist information: 


The venue of the conference is in the Ostiense quarter (Google Map), which is reached by the Line B of the metro (transports).
We recommend that participant to the conference choose an accommodation which is near either to the conference venue or to one of the stops of underground (Line B). Here follows a list of possible hotels for both solutions.

Walking distance or 1/2 stops by metro (Line B)

Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 903
Tel: +39 06598591 -

Via Vito Volterra, 43
Tel: +39 06 559 1911

Via Santuario Regina degli Apostoli, 36
Tel : + - Fax : + - 

Hotel DERBY***
Via di Vigna Pozzi 7 (Largo delle 7 chiese)
Tel. 06.5134955/5136978  - Fax 06.5120059 -

Via F. Baldelli 41 
Tel: 06.5410287 - Fax: 06.5403073 -

3-7 stops by metro (Line B) (in the area between “Garbatella” and “Termini Station”)

HOTEL NORD NUOVA ROMA**** [the invited speakers will be hosted here]
Via Amendola, 3
Tel: 064885441 - Fax: 064817163 -

Hotel CANOVA***
Via Urbana, 10/A 
Tel: 06.4873314 - Fax 06.4819123 -

Via Frangipane, 34 
Tel: 06.6796246 - Fax 06.6797203 -

Hotel GRIFO***
Via del Boschetto, 144 
Tel: 06.4871395 - Fax 06.4742323 -

Hotel NERVA***
Via Tor De Conti, 3 
Tel: 06.6781835 - Fax 06.69922204 -  

Via de’ Ciancaleoni, 49 
Tel: 06.486813 - Fax 06.4828761 -

Hotel VALLE***
Via Cavour, 134
Tel: 06.4815736  - Fax 06.4885837 -

Largo Corrado Ricci, 32 
Tel: 06.6795851 - Fax 06.6786840 -

Via del Colosseo 7
Tel: 06 6797200 - Fax: 06 6784635 -

Via Cavour, 295
Tel: 06.47823069 - Fax: 06.47823069 -

ANNE AND MARY Bed & Breakfast
Via Cavour, 325
Tel: 06.69941187 - 06.6780629 - 

MOMI Bed & Breakfast
Via Principe Eugenio 40
Tel: 0039 06 4465103 - Mobile: 0039 347 3761646 -

SUORE S.ANNA (religious guest-house)
Piazza Madonna dei Monti, 3 
Tel 06.485778 - Fax 06.4871064 (curfew at midnight)

Useful links
00100 Roma:
Ultra Hotels:

Third circular (dowload as pdf)
January 12, 2010

Preliminary programme

The reviewing process of the International Conference on Word Classes has now come to an end. The number of submitted abstracts exceeded our expectations by far, which means that the topic of the conference raised a lot of interest, but also that a number of good papers had to be rejected. In order to limit the number of rejected papers, we decided to increase the number of available slots for oral presentation and to introduce a poster session. 

The Organising Committee wants to thank all those who submitted an abstract for making this selection procedure so compelling and the members of the Scientific Committee for their invaluable work.

Here follows the final list of the papers to be presented at the conference. The final programme will be published soon together with registration information.

Conference preliminary programme
*Papers are listed in alphabetical order

Keynote speakers

•	Christian Lehmann, The nature of parts of speech
•	Alessandro Lenci, Carving Italian verb classes from corpora
•	Beth Levin, What is the best grain-size for defining verb classes? (tentative)


•	Luca Alfieri, Tipologia aggettivale e strategia di codifica del modificatore
•	Bruno Cartoni, Between Adjectives and Nouns: Formalisation and Use of Relational Adjectives
•	Denis Creissels, Between nouns and adjectives: the emergence of a new word class in Southern Bantu languages
•	Eva Dekany and Aniko Csirmaz, Hungarian classifiers
•	Claudia Fabrizio, What does a noun converted to verb mean? A semantic hypothesis about italian denominal verbs from conversion.
•	Livio Gaeta, Thoughts on decategorization
•	David Gil, Word Classes in Roon
•	Maurizio Gnerre, Huave adpositions: from functional categories to adjective-like roles
•	Nicola Grandi, Malvina Nissim and Fabio Tamburini, Noun-Clad Adjectives. On the adjectival status of non head constituents of Italian attributive compounds
•	Maarten Janssen, Half an Article
•	Elisabetta Jezek, Verbs of creation
•	Charitini Kallergi, Total Reduplication in Modern Greek: word-class features and word-class change
•	Françoise Kerleroux, Deduction of the common properties of abstract deverbal nouns and property deadjectival nouns
•	Peter Lauwers, Between adjective and noun: category/function mismatch, constructional overrides and coercion
•	Martina Nied and Anna Pompei, Phrasal verbs, prefixes and word order
•	Sebastian Nordhoff, Similarity thresholds and the number of word classes
•	Rossella Pannain and Anna Riccio, What Word Class do Number Words belong to? A Syntax-Semantics Interface Analysis
•	Aranzazu Pascual Ortiz, Esistono i verbi pro-complementari?
•	Paolo Ramat, Reflections on word classes
•	Pawel Rutkowski, Demonstrative Pronouns vs. Personal Pronouns in Polish Sign Language
•	Galit W. Sassoon, A cognitive root for a word class distinction
•	Raffaele Simone and Francesca Masini, Light nouns
•	Julie Louise Steele, Tinkering with Syntactic Categories
•	Giulia Venturi, Word classes and morphosyntactic annotation schemes. Shadows and lights in the existing part-of-speech tagsets for the Italian language

Poster presentations (in alphabetical order)

•	Giorgio Francesco Arcodia, On some issues pertaining to the Chinese adjective
•	Olga Boriskina, Noun cryptotypes as covert word classes
•	Annibale Elia, Mario Monteleone, Daniela Vellutino, Simona Sabatino and Federica Marano, Strutture sintagmatiche e semantiche per il riconoscimento di polirematiche terminologiche
•	Efi Lamprou and Jean-Louis Vaxelaire, The subclass of proper nouns: how can we define it?
•	Anna Orlandini and Paolo Poccetti, Polifunzionalità e transcategorialità delle particelle di coordinazione in latino
•	Irene Russo, Classifying adjectives: relational meanings, bifunctional lexical items and qualifying exploitations
•	Anna Sores, On the borders of neglected classes: from preverbs to "satellites" via adverbs and particles

Conference committees

Scientific Committee

•	Chair	Raffaele Simone (Roma Tre University)
•	Members	Elena De Miguel (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
	Livio Gaeta (University of Naples “Federico II”)
	Adam Kilgarriff (Universities of Leeds and Sussex)
	Vincenzo Lo Cascio (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
	Francesca Masini (Roma Tre University)
	Anna Pompei (Roma Tre University)
	Jan Rijkhoff (Aarhus Universitet)

Organising Committee

•	Chair	Raffaele Simone (Roma Tre University)
•	Coordinator	Francesca Masini (Roma Tre University)
•	Assistants	Germana Civilleri (Roma Tre University)
	Valentina Efrati (Roma Tre University)

Important dates

•	Registration deadline	March, 15, 2010 
•	Conference			March 24-26, 2010

For any information:

Second circular (dowload as pdf) - August 12, 2009
First circular (dowload as pdf) - June 10, 2009
Word classes
Nature, typology, computational representation
Second TRIPLE International Conference
March, 24-26, 2010
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