Matteo Morganti

I am an associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Media Studies, University of Rome ‘Roma TRE’.

My research and teaching area encompasses the philosophy of science, metaphysics and the philosophy of physics.

I am particularly interested in the mutual connections between physical theories  and metaphysical issues, hence in the idea of naturalism.


University of Rome ‘Roma TRE’

Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts


Via Ostiense 234




Tel.: +39 06 57338772


E-mail: matteo.morganti[at]

Check out Caffè Scienza!


I support their activities, which are also sponsored by the Italian Society for Logic and the Philosophy of Science.


Here’s a sample (a trailer and video of a full meeting on elementary particles, in Italian):



Full video


L'iniziativa realizzata da FormaScienza è parte del programma di Eureka! Roma 2018, promosso da Roma Capitale Assessorato alla Crescita Culturale