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Research on Somali language and culture has an established tradition in Italy. The Center for Somali Studies is an offspring of that tradition. More directly, it is the natural heir of a research team that was created in Italy in the late Seventies. This group of scholars, whose main interests were Somali linguistics and culture, have carried out research work for the last thirty years. At the outset, in cooperation with the Somali National University in Mogadishu and the Academy of Arts and Sciences; then, after the burst of civil war in the first Nineties, on an independent basis.

The Center for Somali Studies aims at promoting research, education, and multimedial archiving in the area of Somali studies, as far as language, society, history, arts, and natural environment are concerned.
The raison d’être of the Center is the defense of the Somali heritage, which is endangered at present by cultural discontinuity, brought about by civil war, and resulting diaspora. The preservation of existing data, of any genre, is of the outmost significance for every scholar who has worked in the field. For this very reason, the Center wants to become a reference source for every scholar, teacher, or any person who is interested in the culture of Somalia, in its broader context.

Accordingly, the main goal of the Center for Somali Studies is to promote research and the spread of its results, by means of conferences, workshops, and educational courses; publication of books, articles, and working papers (with special reference to the long established book series ‘Studi Somali’); finally, by creating and developing a multimedial documentary resource on Somalia.
The other goal of the Center is the publication on the Web of all relevant information available (original texts, out-of-print primary books, research papers, reports, bibliographical information, etc.), to be freely shared among everyone interested – both scholars and the Somalis in the Diaspora communities.

The Center for Somali Studies is an interdepartmental research foundation, which is endorsed by the following departments of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre (University of Rome 3):

  • Dip. di Biologia (Biology);
  • Dip. di Linguistica (Linguistics);
  • Dip. di Progettazione Educativa e Didattica (Educational Studies);
  • Dip. di Studi Internazionali (International Studies).

The Center is primarily open to scholars of the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. Nevertheless, any scholars, no matter their university or institution, can apply to join the Center.
The Center also aims at establishing close relationships with some non academic local institutions, and some international institutions, such as the European Commission, the United Nations Secretariat, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


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