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Progetto Elebici


The project "ELEbici@Roma3", born from an agreement between Enel Green Power and Universitą degli Studi Roma Tre, aims at improving and developing electricmobility, specifically concerning the field of aided bicycles, by carrying out a test in the city of Rome. This test begun on the 5th of July and will last 18 months during which data on trips will be collected, covering more than 12 months in order to appreciate different way of using bicycles from a year to the next, and in order to discard the project novelty effect giving reliability to data.

Data collection will be carried out through 3 different reports; 2 half-way, and 1 final:

  • First one after 6 months, about the first 4 months;
  • Second one after 14 months, about the project first year;
  • Final after 20 months at the end of the project.

Enel Green Power is involved in the project by providing 30 aided bicycles while Universitą degli Studi Roma Tre is involved by choosing 30 students that will ride the bicycles and will collect data on their trips during the experimentation. Specifically the project is addressed to students registered at 3 different faculties: schools of urban architecture, economics and transportation engineering. Roma Tre mobility manager, Arch. Stefania Angelelli, will supervise the project on behalf of the university while the scientific supervision will be provided by prof. Stefano Carrese. Coordination of the thematic areas will be given to Prof.: M.C. Lucchetti, and M. Panizza with the help of dott. Francesco Ciaffi - (Department of Civil Engineering Sciences)


Phase 1: Start-up

In this step, completed with the opening day on the 5th of July, 30 aided bicycles were assigned and delivered to the 30 students.

Phase 2: Experimentation

In this step students use the bicycle and collect data on their trips, according to the travel diary method. This data collection contains trip information but also economic information, like savings obtained by using the bicycle rather than the private car, and technical information, about battery consumption and recharging times. All these data will allow to register information about daily, weekly and monthly use of the bicycle along all the 18 months for each user.

Phase 3: Analysis

In this phase, which will start after the 18 months experimentation, all the datacollected by travel diaries used in phase 2 will be analyzed by each one of the study group, belonging to the 3 different field of study. Study group of urban architecture will perform a behavioral analysis of the man-land system and the impacts provided by the project on it. Economics group will perform an economic analysis about the project impacts on the environment and in terms of external benefits. Finally transportation engineers will perform a technical-economic analysis about the project impacts on transportation systems and on urban mobility.

Phase 4: Project

In this phase each the study group will formulate proposals and projects about the subject it belongs to. Such proposals and projects will be carried out allowing the draft of technical reports or graduation thesis.


"ELEbici@Roma3" project represents the first step of an agreement between EnelGreen Power and Universitą Roma Tre and is an important novelty in the field of sustainable mobility. Main goals of the project arethe development of electricmobility, specifically concerning about aided bicycles,and the safety improvement for all cyclists in the city of Rome, by increasing the length of bicycle paths and the quality of road network.

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