Insegnamenti II Anno

  • Bitcoin and its Sisters: Digital Currencies of the Big Data Age. - Giuseppe Di Battista

    Bitcoin is a digital currency with several interesting features. It is Digital, since it is Stored and exchanged only in digital form. It is Social, since it is maintained by an open network of people that provides incentives for cooperative behavior. It is independent, since it is not associated with any government and not guaranteed by any central bank. It is Transparent, since it is defined by open standards and all transactions recorded in a huge public ledger. It is Private, since Bitcoins are transferred between opaque addresses that do not reveal the identity of the owner. It is finite, since there is a fixed upper bound on the total number of bitcoins. It is Cryptographic, since it is based on widely accepted cryptographic methods. It is Global, since it can be acquired, spent, and transferred anywhere on the Internet. It is Widely accepted, since it can be used to buy goods and services and can be exchanged with traditional currencies. It is also Controversial, since it poses several economic, legal, and technical challenges. In this short course we will discuss Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies addressing the above coordinates and issues.