An International Journal

Special Editors: Alessandro Calvi & Fabrizio D'Amico


D. Jolovic, A. Stevanovic, P.T. Martin 3

Revision of left-turn guidelines using optimal design of traffic signal phasing in a microsimulation environment

N. Stamatiadis, T. Sallee, A. Kirk 17 Left turn guidance based on crossing conflict analysis
H. Abou-Senna, E. Radwan 27

Operational evaluation of partial crossover displaced left-turn (XDL) versus full XDL intersections

D. Roach, E. Christofa, M.A. Knodler 41

Safety assessment before and after implementation of roundabouts through microsimulation

S. Cafiso, C. D’Agostino, R. Bąk, M. Kieć 55 The assessment of road safety for passing relief lanes using microsimulation and traffic conflict analysis
G. Guido, A. Vitale, F. Saccomanno, V. Gallelli 65 Sensitivity of simulated vehicle tracking profiles for input into safety performance analysis
K. Amiridis, B. Psarianos 75

Calculation of the available 3-d sight distance by modeling the roadway as a 3-d B-spline surface

K.L. Hancock, W. Zhang, H. Sardar, Y. Wang 89 A two-step geo-grid screening process to identify locations for safety improvements
Y. Tian, H. Chen, D. Truong 103

A case study to identify secondary crashes on Interstate Highways in Florida by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A. Omidvar, E.E. Ozguven, O.A. Vanli, R. Moses 113 Understanding the factors affecting the frequency and severity of aging population-involved crashes in Florida