An International Journal

Special Editors: Alessandro Calvi & Fabrizio D'Amico


A. Calvi, F. D’Amico 3 Advanced approaches to road safety evaluations
W. van Haperen, A. Pirdavani, T. Brijs, T. Bellemans 7 Evaluating traffic safety and performance effects of countdown timers on signalized intersections: a driving simulator study
D. Valdés, B. Colucci, D. Fisher, J. Valdés, E. Colón, R. García, J. Rivera 23 Operational and safety-based analysis of toll plaza signage using driving simulation
A. Mashko, P. Bouchner, D. Rozhdestvenskiy, S. Novotný 37 Virtual traffic signs - assessment of an alternative ADAS user interface with use of driving simulator
T. Petzoldt, P. Rossner, C. Mair, A.C. Bullinger, J.F. Krems 51 How does left lane width in motorway work zones affect driver behaviour and perception?
A. Borowsky, T. Oron-Gilad 59

The effects of automation failure and secondary task on drivers' ability to mitigate hazards in highly or semi-automated vehicles

H. Farah, S. Zatmeh, T. Toledo, P. Wagner 71 Impact of distracting activities and drivers’ cognitive failures on driving performance
D. Pavlou, P. Papantoniou, E. Papadimitriou, S. Vardaki, G. Yannis, C. Antoniou, J. Golias, S.G. Papageorgiou 83 Which are the effects of driver distraction and brain pathologies on reaction time and accident risk?
A. Andersson, S. Kharrazi, S. Lind, A. Myklebust 99 Parameterization procedure of a powertrain model for a driving simulator
Y. Xu, A. Greenwood, G. Corso, M. Hunter, M.O. Rodgers 113 Safety effects of freeway work zone delineation methods: response time as a surrogate measure