An International Journal

Special Editors: Honglu Liu & Shifeng Liu

X.B. Ding, X.F. Xu
3 Security issues related to optimization of urban rail operating schemes under express-local mode
F. Lin, Q.H. Huang, Q. Tan
15 Distributed Storage Video Cloud of Intelligent Transportation System based on the Backward Cloud Generator
T.J. Wang, K.J. Wu
23 Optimization algorithm for multi-vehicle and multi-depot emergency vehicle dispatch problem
Y. Tang, Y. Xu
31 Vehicle color recognition based on multiple classifier combination for Intelligent Transportation System
C.X. Chen, W.Y. Chen, Z.Y. Chen
41 A Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning approach for bus holding control strategies
Y.W. Meng, X.D. Pan, F. Chen
55 Safety evaluation for highway expansion and upgrading based on access management
B.H. Wei
65 Urban traffic impact analysis model of Logistics Parks based on system dynamics
F. Liu
75 Stochastic infections with carriers on transportation networks
Y. Hou, F. Lin, Z.H. Dong
83 Application of traffic flow prediction based on Back Propagation neural network
Z.X. Huang, F.C. Qian, J. Liu
89 A learning algorithm and forecasting model for the short-term traffic flow based on wavelet neural network
J.D. Zhao, X.H. Duan, S.X. Song
97 A novel particle swarm optimization algorithm for solving the shortest path problem in highway network
J.H. Bao, W.D. He
107 Optimization design and parametric modeling of traction gear transmission used in subway locomotive
X. Sun, E. Yao, X. Feng
115 Impacts of high-speed rail fare discount strategies on travel frequency of the passengers in China
Q.L. Meng, X. Jiang, L. He
125 Prediction method for dynamics of express delivery service quality elements
W. Guo, D.Q. Gong, J.Z. Hu
139 Applying Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) approach to analyse investment efficiency of transportation projects