An International Journal

Special Editors: Honglu Liu & Zhenji Zhang

2013 Special Issue

B. Yan, Q. Zhou, R. Luo
Vulnerability analysis of complex transportation network  
Y. Feng, X. Li, X. Li 
Passenger share research of different transport modes based on the travel behavior analysis and Agent theory  
Y. Deng, Q. Li, Y. Lu, L. Song
Analysis of site selection for metro emergency stations in network operation  
S. Zhou, Q. Zhang    
Establishing transaction price between the different railway companies under the stakeholders’ perspectives  

Q. Cao, Y. Zhang, S. Zhou, A. Zhang, B. Li

Evaluation method of matching program between tractor and trailer based on fuzzy TOPSIS  

L. Chen, B. Zhang, H. Hou, A. Taudes

Carbon trading system for road freight transport: the impact of government regulation  
F. Chu, R. Zhang, B. Wang, W. Dai
Study on classification of China seaports development types based on clustering analysis  
Y. Wei, Y. Bai 
Research on railway scheduled automobile trains formation plan  
X. Li, M. Lang  


Study on the combination prediction method in railway freight volume prediction  
Y. Luo, Y. Cao, X. Mu
Fault tree analysis using in the land transport of hazardous chemicals  
W. Xu, Z. Wang 103 Research on ride-sharing taxi model optimization and routing choice based on the genetic algorithm  

J.-S. Liu, X.-S. Ke, Z.-L. Guan, X. Xie

111 The interaction mechanism of high speed railway and urbanization research - based on system dynamics  
F. Jin, G. Chen, J. Liu, T. Zhu 123 Model and layered calculation process for Chinese railway network vehicle flow estimation  
X. Lu, G. Zhai 133 Studying logistics radii in China  
S. Dou, X. Li, J. Gou 149 Study on urban road intersection traffic scenario simulation based on cellular automaton