I am pleased to draw your attention to this innovative source for the scientific and technical community involved in the studies applied to road, highway, railway and transportation systems.
It will provide high-quality and peer-reviewed articles dealing with the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of transport as well as authoritative state-of-the art contributions on technological, sociological, economical aspects of transport.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. (benedet@uniroma3.it)
Yours faithfully,

Andrea Benedetto

Editor in Chief


Aims and scope

Advances in Transportation Studies is a quarterly (four- monthly) and a refereed journal that contains international and national review papers on the most recent outcomes of studies and advanced research in the field of Road and Highway Engineering with a particular focus on the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of transport.
Topics discussed examining design standards and regulations, impact of human factors on facilities design, geometry, facilities construction, pavement design and management for safety improvement, environmental impact make it essential reading for Transportation Scholars and Researchers, Transportation Facilities Engineers, Transportation planners and Modellers.
Moreover special issues on particular topics, such as policy analysis, formulation and evaluation, interaction with the political and socio-economic environment, management and evaluation of trasportation systems, are published from time to time and provide a wide range of information for Administrators and Policy Analysts, too. The journal contains in-depth, state-of-the- art papers on transport topics.

A selection of papers

Contributions to the journal are welcome. Authors are requested to submit their original manuscript with two copies or by e-mail to the Editor-in Chief or to the Associate Editors or to the Editorial Board Members. Each article will be read by at least two referees.