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Advances in Transportation Studies is a quadrimestral (four-monthly period) refereed journal. The Journal publishes international and national review papers on the most recent outcomes of studies and advanced research in the field of Road and Highway Engineering with a particular focus on the safety, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of transport.
Topics covered in the Journal include design standards and regulations, impact of human factors on facilities design, geometric features, construction of facilities, pavement design and management for safety improvement and environmental impact. These topics make the Journal an essential reading for Transportation (Facilities) Scholars and Researchers, Transportation Facilities Engineers, Transportation planners and Modelers.
Moreover, special issues on particular topics, such as policy analysis, formulation and evaluation, interaction with the political and socio-economic environment, management and evaluation of transportation systems, are published from time to time. These issues provide a wide range of valuable information for both Administrators and Policy Analysts. The journal contains in-depth, state-of-the- art papers on transport issues.

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Editor in Chief: Alessandro Calvi
Editorial Board and Associate Editors
First Issue (available for free) November 2003
Second Issue: April 2004
Third Issue: July 2004
Fourth Issue: November 2004
Special Issue: 2004
Fifth Issue: April 2005
Sixth Issue: July 2005
Seventh Issue: November 2005
Special Issue: 2005
Eighth Issue: April 2006
Ninth Issue: July 2006
Tenth Issue: November 2006
Special Issue: 2006
Eleventh Issue: April 2007  
Twelfth Issue: July 2007 Submission form
Thirteenth Issue: November 2007 Information for authors TEMPLATE
Special Issue: 2007 contributors are invited to propose
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Fourteenth Issue: April 2008 three possible reviewers
Fifteenth Issue: July 2008  
Sixteenth Issue: November 2008  
Special Issue: 2008  
Seventeenth Issue: April 2009  
Eighteenth Issue: July 2009  
Nineteenth Issue: November 2009  
Twentieth Issue: April 2010  
Twenty first Issue: July 2010  
Twenty second Issue: November 2010  
Special Issue: 2010  
Twenty third Issue: April 2011  
Twenty forth Issue: July 2011  
Twenty fifth Issue: November 2011  
Special Issue: 2011  
Twenty sixth Issue: April 2012  
Twenty seventh Issue: July 2012  
Twenty eighth Issue: November 2012  
Special Issue: 2012  
Twenty ninth Issue: April 2013  
Thirteth Issue: July 2013  
Thirty first Issue: November 2013  
Special Issue: 2013  
Thirty second Issue: April 2014  
Thirty third Issue: July 2014  
Thirty fourth Issue: November 2014  
Special issue: 2014 volume 1  
Special issue 2014: volume 2  
Special issue 2014: volume 3  
Thirtyfifth ninth Issue: April 2015  
Thirty sixth Issue: July 2015  
Thirty seventh Issue: November 2015  
Special issue: 2015 volume 1  
Special issue: 2015 volume 2  
Thirty eigth Issue: April 2016
Thirty nineth Issue: July 2016
Forthtieth Issue: November 2016
Special issue: 2016 volume 1
Special issue: 2016 volume 2  
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