The Lithosphere of Sardinia


LIthosphere of SARDinia
What is it? LISARD is a seismological array of 10 broadband seismic stations 10 posthole nanometrics broadband (120s) sensors have been installed at the end of June 2016. We follow the AlpArray recommendations for procedures and data management.

Why? Improving knowledge of the geological evolution of Sardinia is key for understanding the Mediterranean geodynamics processes. Being not very active seismically, there is a lack of seismic coverage in Sardinia and, consequently, poor information on deep crustal and lithospheric mantle structure. Our array will remedy this and provide better coverage of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

What kind of science? Seismic data will be processed to extract surface-wave dispersion curves from ambient noise and to extract receiver functions, i.e. converted and reflected waves from major discontinuity below the stations. We will jointly interpret the data using a transdimensional inversion approach. We wil include petrology constraints in our model. The seismic data will be also used to improve coverage of existing surface-waves models of Tyrrhenian sea and to detect possible microevents.


Twente University, Holland:

Mark van der Meijde (Professor), Islam Fadel (PhD Student)

Roma Tre University, Italy:

Fabio Cammarano (Assoc. Prof.), Giuseppe Della Monica (Adjunct Prof.), Claudio Faccenna (Professor), Francesco Basile (Technician)


INGV Rome: Aladino Govoni, Claudia Piromallo

IAMC - CNR, Oristano, Italy: Alessandro Conforti

University of Sassari, Italy: Prof. Giacomo Oggiano

The project is partly funded by Danish Research Council (Sapere-Aude grant, PI Fabio Cammarano).

We thank:

L'aeronautica militare, Capo Frasca

We are grateful to: Lucia Margheriti, Paolo Casale, Giovanni-Battista Cimini, Mario Anselmi, Irene Molinari, Fabrizio Atzori, Giovanni Careddu, Arianna Virdis, Ten. Col. Mariano Marchetti, Fabrizio Rubiu, Elio Matteoli, Giuseppe Simeone, Antonio Tiragallo, Barbara Sorgente, Melchiorre Calvisi, Nando Langiu, Angelo Arca

News and Events

- First PSD images available - Sept 2016


- Rieti Earthquake (24 August 2016) as seen from Sardinia - Sept. 2016


- Roma Tre and Twente University become members of Alparray - Oct 2016