Current and forthcoming  -  E-Symposia: 

Bermudez - The Paradox of Self-Consciousness 

Fall 1999 

"The Paradox of Self-Consciousness" 


by José Luis Bermúdez 


Cowie - What's Within? 

Winter 1999/2000 

"What's Within?      
Nativism Reconsidered " 

by Fiona Cowie 

Hurley - Consciousness in Action 

Summer  2000 

"Consciousness in Action "


by Susan Hurley

Pietroski - Causing Actions


Spring  2001 

"Causing Actions"


by Paul M. Pietroski

Tye - Consciousness, Color, and Content


Spring  2001 

"Consciousness, Color, and Content"


by Michael Tye

Baker - Persons and Bodies


Spring  2001 

"Persons and Bodies
A Constitution View "


by Lynne Rudder Baker



Winter  2001/02 

"Purple Haze"


by Joseph Levine



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