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 Fall 1999  -  E-Symposium on:               


"The Paradox of Self-Consciousness" by José Luis Bermúdez  (University of Stirling)
# Author's Précis 

Invited commentators: 

# Andrew Brook:
Circularity or reduction: What is the real issue? 

# José Luis Diaz: About my-self: reflections on Bermúdez

# Vittorio Gallese: The acting brain: reviewing the neuroscientific evidence

# Andy Hamilton: Is there a Paradox of Self-Consciousness?

# Gianfranco Soldati: Primitive Self-consciousness?

# Author's Replies:

Self-as-Subject and Self-as-Object: Reply to Brook

Levels of Explanation and Hierarchies of Self-Consciousness: Response to Díaz

Some Thoughts on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Primitive Self-Consciousness: Reply to Gallese

Primitive Self-Consciousness: Reply to Soldati

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