The Modelling & Simulation Lab (LaMS) was established at Università Roma Tre in October 2007 with the purpose of:

  1. -collecting know-how and skills necessary for mathematical modelling and numerical simulations in one place;

  2. -promoting interdisciplinary partnerships with laboratories and R&D centres;

  3. -foster education in Computational Sciences and Engineering.

Building on these premises, LaMS has been successful in gathering a conspicuous group of young researchers with diverse backgrounds and complementary know-hows from hitherto non-communicating communities. Its lively collaboration with many scientific institutions makes LaMS almost unique nationwide.

LaMS runs a permanent seminar -- SeMS – Modelling & Simulation Seminar -- whose initiatives have spurred interest and fostered discussion among a large and composite group of scientists, thus establishing the image of LaMS both within and beyond Roma Tre.

LaMS offers different educational activities, ranging from courses on scientific computation to stages.



“Cross-knowledge is the key”