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Three components balance

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The three components balance in the laboratory is a lateral external balance (ie is positioned outside the wind tunnel so as not to affect the fluid vein and allow the sustenance of the profile in the test chamber by means of an arm) electronic three-component model of AF6109n STEM-ISI Impianti Spa, coupled to the measuring amplifier MVD2555 HBM.
It presents a shaft of measurement on which are mounted four strain gages ustype 6/350DK11E HBM connected to a Wheatstone bridge and whose signal is processed by the amplifier giving directly an indication of the force in N.
The measuring ranges of permission from the scale are the following:

Lift                -500 ÷ +500 N
Drag                   0 ÷ +100 N
Momentum  -30 ÷ +30 Nm

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