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The URBE conference aims to identify the behavioral game changers capable of modifying the present trends and pro-actively responding to the sustainability challenges urban freight distribution poses to modern cities given its role in linking production, logistics and society.

Innovative policies, strategies, procedures, engagement techniques, organizational approaches, arrangements, and novel business models should be presented and critically discussed so to clarify the interdependencies, conflicts among interests and possible solutions for production, logistics and traffic issues.

Behavioral change is the fundamental tenet of any feasible solution of the overarching urban freight problems. Shared and long-standing solutions must account and accommodate both private (i.e. profit oriented) and social (e.g. environmental) objectives. Urban freight problems and solutions are strictly interwoven with and dependent on technological, organizational, regulatory, and policy innovations. These have all to be systematically and jointly considered as in any complex system where the end result depends on the strategic interaction among its various components. To this end, urban freight solutions should emerge from a collaborative and integrative approach compatible with larger societal sustainability goals. Under this respect, all contributions are warmly invited to specifically address any co-creation barriers/opportunities that have to be removed/taken when dealing with innovation in urban freight distribution.

29 / 07 / 15 - 15:27:40