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Who should attend?

The conference wants to involve all representatives partaking in urban freight distribution, characterized by different yet complementary backgrounds, interested in constructively discussing scientific, policy and practice-oriented approaches.

Researchers, practitioners, politicians and public authorities are invited to use the conference as a platform for knowledge-exchange and transfer.

Innovations are likely to produce long-lasting results when deployed and used to the benefit of society at large. This is most likely to happen when the needs and constraints of all the strategically relevant actors are duly considered. Innovations to be applicable outside the researcher’s laboratory and the policy maker’s office need to be shared tested and accepted by private companies and citizens. The whole process should be discussed, planned, developed, deployed and improved in a collaborative way. This approach alone, in fact, will allow each counterpart to illustrate her position, describe her needs and negotiate adjustments and changes. Critically discussing and jointly finding compromise mixtures not only helps devising innovative and acceptable solutions but often also avoids most of the subsequent implementation problems thanks to the increased level of trust that a frank ex-ante discussion is capable of fostering.

29 / 07 / 15 - 16:27:40