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ID Author Title Abstracts
3 Ambrosino, G., Pettinelli, I., Freitas, C. & Sousa, C. Sustainable Urban Logistics Plan (SULP) methodology for Small and Mid-sized European Towns: the IEE ENCLOSE project results PDF
5 de Oliveira, L.,  Nóbrega, R., Ebias, D., Gomes, G. & Souza, C. Analysis of Freight Trip Generation Model for Food and Beverage in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) PDF
6 Feo Valero, M., Pérez, A., Menéndez, L. & García, C. Analyzing discrepancies between willingness to pay and willingness to accept for freight transport attributes. PDF
7 Macharis, C.,Kin, B. & Lebeau, P. Multi Actor Multi Criteria Analysis as a tool to involve stakeholders within the city distribution context PDF
9 Pinto, R., Lagorio, A. & Golini, R. Urban freight transport in an Italian mid-sized city: the Bergamo case from inception to stakeholders' involvement PDF
10 Abrahamsson, M. & Björklund, M. Critical components, similarities and differences in business models for urban consolidation PDF
11 Balm, S., Soelstra, J. & Quak, H. Applying a behavioural change model to the adoption of freight electric vehicles: lessons for effective instruments PDF
12 Ehrler, V. & Luft, D.  Electric Vehicles for Urban Logistics and Commercial Transport – User Needs and Obstacles PDF
13 Kouwenhoven, M. & de Jong, G. Heterogeneity in the choice of delivery time by receivers of goods PDF
14 Abreu e Silva, J. & Alho, A. Using Structural Equations Modeling to explore perceived urban freight deliveries parking issues PDF
15 van Amstel, W., Balm, S. & van Merriënboer, S.   A framework for tendering based on EMAT approach to support sustainable urban construction logistics PDF
16 Anand, N., van Duin, J. & Tavasszy, L.  Carbon credits in urban freight: an experiment with an agent based model PDF
17 Golini, R., Guerlain, C., Lagorio, A. & Pinto, R. An assessment framework for city logistics in mid-sized towns PDF
18 Balm, S. & van Amstel, W. Public purchasing as game changer in smarter and cleaner urban freight distribution PDF
19 de Oliveira, L. & de Oliveira, G. Retailers' and carriers' perceptions about urban goods distribution in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) PDF
20 Paranaiba, A. & Sá Fortes, J. Financing Suggestion for Urban Mobility Plans in Brazilian cities PDF
22 Danielis, R., Valeri, E. & Rotaris, L. Performance evaluation methods for urban freight distribution chains: a survey of the literature PDF
24 Campagna, A., Filippi, F. & Mezzavilla, L. Making urban logistics in big cities more sustainable: the Rome Rail Logistics project PDF
25 Gattuso, D. & Cassone, G.  Investigation of UDC capacity by micro-simulation approach PDF
27 Zenezini, G., Mangano, G., Corinna Cagliano, A. & De Marco, A.  A conceptual framework for evaluating City Logistics business models PDF
30 Santos, L., Bertoncini, B., Medrano, R., Taco, P., Lima Jr, O., & Baroni, T. GoodTrip application potential for solution of urban logistics problems PDF
32 Marzano, V., Azevedo, C., Cheah, L., Zhao, F., Santos, J., Lee, Y. & Ben-Akiva, M. An integrated sensing-based urban freight data collection framework: methodology and pilot projects in Singapore PDF
33 Samuel, K. & Carré, M.  Analyzing stakeholders' commitment in urban logistics projects by using Community of Practice theory PDF
35 Cascetta, E. & Cartenì, A. Urban Freight transportation planning as a rational decision making process: a cognitive model and the false friends of eco-rationality PDF
36 Schröder, S. & Liedtke, G. Towards an integrated multi-agent urban transport model of passenger and freight PDF
37 Fu, J., Jenelius, E. & Georén, P.  Off-peak Urban Goods Deliveries: Transport Efficiency in a Stockholm Pilot Study PDF
39 Lee, Y., Blanco, E., Zegras, C. & Ben-Akiva, M. Receiver-Shipper Based Framework of Urban Freight Transportation Model PDF
40 Le Pira, M., Ignaccolo, M., Inturri, G. & Pluchino, A. Simulating stakeholder interaction for sustainable planning of transport systems PDF
41 Janjevic, M. & Ndiaye, A.  Modelling the carrier’s response to the introduction of urban freight consolidation centres PDF
42 Buldeo Rai, H., van Lier, T. & Macharis, C. Facilitating long-term urban freight sustainability: indicator integration in a policy evaluation framework PDF
43 Dalla Chiara, G., Courcoubetis, C. & Cheah L. A game of supply chains and an Urban Consolidation Center PDF
45 Palacios, L., Parra, J. & Adarme W. A methodological proposal for develop a decision support system, as a tool to facilitate the coordination among stakeholders in the city of Bogota - Colombia PDF
46 Batista, G., Medrado, L. & Inecco M. Proposition of a Urban Logistic Planning framework to Belo Horizonte City PDF
47 Larranaga, A. & Arellana, J. Interurban freight mode choice in Brazil: A case study of Rio Grande do Sul PDF
48 Garrido, R. & Bronfman, A. Equity and Social Acceptability in Multiple Hazardous Materials Routing through Urban Areas PDF
49 Lebeau, P., Macharis, C. & Van Mierlo, J. Implementing an urban distribution center: involving stakeholders in a bottom up approach PDF
56 Cardenas, I., Vanelslander, T. & Dewulf, W. The e-commerce parcel delivery market: developing a typology from an urban logistics perspective PDF
57 Dantsuji, T., Fukuda, D., Oka, H. & Hagino, Y. Preliminary Study of the Freight Vehicle Probe Data from the Urban Freight Survey in Tokyo Metropolitan Area 2014 PDF
61 Balster, A. & Friedrich, H. Dynamic freight flow modelling for risk evaluation in food supply PDF
62 Verlinden, T. & Van de Voorde, E. Inbound Hospital Logistics in an Urban Environment: A Decision Matrix PDF
63 Browne, M., Woodburn, A. & Allen, J. Planning for freight in major urban infrastructure projects PDF
64 Dablanc, L. How do planning practitioners address freight transport and logistics sprawl? Case study in Los Angeles PDF
66 Nuzzolo, A., Comi, A. & Rosati, L.  Investigating the impacts of e-purchase deliveries: the deployment of pick-up points PDF
67 Nuzzolo, A. & Comi, A.  E-shopping and urban goods flow modelling PDF
69 Biggi, D. & Tretola, G. Addressing Urban Congestion with Modular Logistics and Collaborative Networks PDF
70 Biggi, D., Tretola, G. & Verdino, V. Enabling Logistics Data Sharing in the Physical Internet PDF
72 dell’Olio, L., Moura, J., Ibeas, A., Cordera, R. & Holguín-Veras, J. Receivers’ willingness-to-adopt novel urban goods distribution practices  PDF
74 Tretola, G., Sorice, F. Marcucci, E. & Gatta, V. A Gamification approach to promote positive behaviours in Urban Logistics PDF
75 Holguín-Veras, J., Wang, C., Campbell, S. Role and Potential of a Trusted Vendor Certification Program to Foster Adoption of Unassisted Off-Hour Deliveries PDF
77 Piendl, R., Liedtke, G. & Matteis, T.  A logit model for shipment size choice with latent classes – empirical findings for Germany and discussions PDF
78 Percoco, M. The impact of road pricing on green commercial vehicles usage: evidence from Milan PDF
80 Bonnafous, A., Patier, D., Routhier, J. & Toilier, F. French surveys on urban goods movements: first results of cross-section with diachronic analyses PDF
81 Ramadurai, G. Joint model of urban freight trip generation and delivery vehicle type PDF
84 Kiba-Janiak, M. & Cheba, K. Reference model of local authority cooperation with stakeholders for urban freight transport PDF
86 Zhang, D. & Wang, C. Investigation of Freight Demand Elasticity corresponding to Road Pricing in New York State PDF
87 Zhang, D., Wang, C. &  Holguín-Veras, J.  Investigation of Carriers’ Ability to Transfer Toll Increases: An Empirical Analysis of Freight Agents’ Relative Market Power PDF
88 Zou, W., Wang, X. &  Holguín-Veras, J. The Influencing Factors of Load Factor in Commercial Vehicles PDF
89 Nourinejad, M. & Roorda, M. Enforcing or Permitting Urban Parking PDF
90 Nourinejad, M. & Roorda, M. Remote Assessment Sensor Routing: An Application of Waste Management PDF
91 Gliebe, J., Smith, C., Wies, K., Heither, C., Doyle, J. & Outwater, M.  An Agent-Based Gaming Approach to Simulating the Evolution of Commodity Flows PDF
92 Melo, S., Coimbra, R., Costa, A. & Baptista P. Analyzing the effects of routing in the sustainability of the city and on the operational efficiency of urban logistics services PDF
94 Bozicnik, S. & Letnik T. Dynamic City Traffic Management System PDF
96 Bigerna, S., Bollino, C., Gatta, V., Marcucci, E., Micheli, S. & Polinori, P. Young consumers’ willingness to pay for sustainable urban freight distribution: a stated preference exercise PDF
97 Grea, G., Aditjandra, P., Laparidou, K., Leonardi, J. & Hagen Zunder, T.  The role of local engagement in delivering city logistics innovations PDF
100 Panero, G., Leonida, A., Mascioli, F. & Maccioni, R. ZED – Zero Emissions Distribution PDF
102 Nocera, S. & Cavallaro, F. Valuation of the well-to-wheel impact of CO2 emissions on freight transport PDF
104 Gatta, V., Lagona, F. & Marcucci, E. Latent Markov multinomial logit regression for discrete choice data: implications for willingness to pay for alternative urban freight policies PDF
105 Fancello, G., Paddeu, D., Sollai, F., Uccheddu, B. & Fadda, P. Investigating the inclination of the Ho.Re.Ca. channel to city logistics measures: the case of Cagliari PDF
106 McKinnon, A.C. 3D Printing, Drones and Crowdshipping: are they likely to be city logistics game-changers?
107 Ricciardi, N., Crainic, T., Errico, F. & Rei, W. Addressing demand uncertainty in two-tier city logistics systems PDF
108 Polimeni, A., Napoli, G., Di Novo, S., Antonucci, V. & Andaloro, L.  Freight distribution in urban area with electric vehicles: preliminary results of iNEXT project PDF
109 Simoni, M.D., Bujanovic, P., Boyles, S. & Walton, C.M. A comprehensive heuristic toolbox for the optimal location, routing, and fleet choice of urban consolidation centers PDF
111 Maurer, F. & Lechner, U. The object of organizational robustness and resilience: an content analysis PDF
112 Marcucci, E., Gatta, V., Marciani, M.& Cossu, P. Stakeholders involvement and new governance models: Turin best practice, Italy PDF
113 Lozzi, G., Gatta, V. & Marcucci E. Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Europe: a comparative analysis in selected Member States PDF
114 Scaccia, L., Daziano, R., Gatta V. & Marcucci, E. Comparing Bayesian and frequentist approaches for latent class mixed multinomial logit model. Implications for urban freight transport policy PDF
115 Delle Site, P., Gatta, V., Marcucci, E. & Zhang, Q. Urban freight distribution and policy assessment: dependence vs. independence in stated preference logit models PDF
116 Marcucci, E., Gatta, V., Le Pira, M., Ignaccolo, M., Inturri, G. & Pluchino A. Agent-based modelling of stakeholder involvement for urban freight transport policy-making PDF
117 Gatta, V. & Marcucci, E. An interactive multi-actor multi-criteria analysis: a case study for alternative off-peak delivery solutions in freight distribution in Rome PDF
119 Marolda, M.C. Urban shape and behavioural changes - Citizens' acceptance and adaptation to new innovative-induced life-styles  PDF
120 Dendal, T. Flanders: urban logistics policy and measures  PDF
121 Preti, A. & Luppino, G. The NOVELOG project: city cases for efficient urban freight distribution PDF
122 Marcucci, E. & Gatta, V.  The CITYLAB project: City Logistics in Living Laboratories PDF

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