22-24 October 2014


Roma Tre University

Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Straniere

Via del Valco San Paolo, 19

00148 Roma, ITALY


In recent decades, the dramatic development and continual updating of specialist areas has encouraged the implementation of specific codes of expression that make the transfer of specialized knowledge possible.

This implies change at various levels: in peer-to-peer scientific discourse that has generally switched to an English-only format; at the terminological level, in the assessment of new concepts, terms and definitions; from the perspective of neology and naming; in the popularization of the discourse of science; in language mediation, where translation plays a key role.

Most European countries (in particular those where minority languages with a strong historical and cultural/literary background are spoken), and above all the new EU member states, are developing ambitious projects in order to standardize and harmonize terminology in various fields, above all in the key fields of economy, business, administration, justice, etc. 

The growing specialization of peer-to-peer communication in fields where English is the dominant language, the accompanying growth of specialized translation, and, on the other hand, the requirement of less specialized communication favouring the popularization of science in both the L1 (English) and L2, all seem to point to a need to assess the state-of-the-art of terminology within national boundaries while recognising a context in which English is dominant. 

From this perspective, the conference aims to address mainly, but not exclusively, the following issues:

-       special field terminology: key issues, case studies

-       terminological innovation as the result of scientific development

-       key issues in knowledge organization and concept analysis

-       national languages and terminology policies

-       attitudes towards language change

-       neologisms in target languages: problems of standardization

-       terminology and translation; TM and MT resources


Conference Languages: English. The organizers regret interpretation cannot be provided.

Invited speakers

Prof. Maria Teresa Cabré, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona (Spain)

Prof. Federica Scarpa, SSLIMIT, Trieste (Italy)

Scientific Committee:

Paola Faini

Linda Jean Lombardo

Oriana Palusci

Rita Salvi

Organizing Committee:

Barbara Antonucci

Mirko Casagranda

Peter Douglas

Salvador Pippa

Katherine Elizabeth Russo

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