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Wildlife Art Exhibit

By Dao Van Hoang

Hoang did his first drawing with chalk on the concrete floor when he was about 2 year old, at his mother’s house in Saigon, Vietnam, where he was born in 1964. He developed a passion for wildlife equally at an early stage of his life. Having left Vietnam in 1979, he arrived in France to study computing and work in Paris for 16 years before returning to his home country in 1996. Hoang is a self-taught artist and only put himself to full time wildlife painting 2 years ago after quitting advertising which was his previous career as Creative Director.

He did his first solo exhibition at the International Primatological Society conference in Hanoi, October 2014. He went on with a solo exhibition in Phnom Penh - Cambodia, at the ATBC conference (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation) and recently at the ASP annual meeting (American Society of Primatologists) in Bend - USA. His work consists of acrylic paintings on canvas, with a detailed and realistic rendering, portraying animals with typical poses and behavior in their natural habitats.

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