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Dear Colleague,

the EFP 2015 Congress in Rome is approaching and we would like to invite those interested in the studies carried out with capuchin monkeys by the researchers of the Istituto di Scienze e Tecnologie della Cognizione of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche to visit our Primate Center (see our website:

The visit will take place soon after the EFP meeting, on Saturday 29th of August in the morning.

Our Primate center is located inside the Bioparco (i.e. the Zoo) in Villa Borghese. It is very close to many other attractions and Museums (see the map in our website by clicking contact). We will be able to host only a limited number of primatologists organized in groups, each consisting of about 15 people. The visit will last about 40 min during which you will be able to see the monkeys, their housing and how we carry out some of the experiments.

We need to know in advance who is interested in coming so that we can organize the groups and let you know the time slot of your visit. Since we cannot host all the EFP participants, you should let us know ASAP (and no later than July 10th) if you want to come. Priority will be given to those who answer first. Unfortunately, this invitation is limited to EFP participants and cannot be extended to family members and/or friends.

The researchers, students and staff of the Unit of Cognitive Primatology and Primate Center of the ISTC-CNR

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