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Symposium Proposal

A symposium proposal consists of an abstract and a list with tentative title(s) and author(s) of each contribution.

Symposia will be allowed a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 contributions. Each speaker will have a total of 15 minutes for his/her presentation (it is suggested 10 minute talk and 5 minutes for questions/discussion) so that for example, a symposium slot for 6 contributions is 120 minutes in length. Organiser(s) may want to spare some time for introduction and discussion within their allotted time. Symposia with a higher number of contributions may be proposed, however they will not necessarily be accepted as proposed (i.e., the organisers may request to reduce the number of contributions). Symposia with more than 6 contributions may cover both morning and at least part of the afternoon session.

Proposal for Symposia should be submitted by email at (specify subject: SYMPOSIUM) before January 18, 2015. The acceptance of a symposium will be communicated to the symposium organisers by February 9, 2015 (for abstract submission of individual presentations within a symposium see Abstract guidelines and submission in the Call for papers page).

The proposal should include:

  • Symposium title
  • Organiser(s) - first name, last name
  • Institution(s) - institution, city and country of each organiser and indication of which organiser belongs to which institution (using the superscripts a, b, c, ...)
  • E-Mail of the first Organiser
  • Abstract - the description of the symposium should not exceed 2000 characters including spaces (approx. 350 words). As font, please use Times New Roman 12.
  • List of Speakers (first name. last name and affiliation of each speaker) with the descriptive title of their presentation.

General rules.

  • The first author of each contribution should present it orally;
  • The same author cannot organise more than one symposium;
  • The same person cannot be first author of more than one oral contribution. Invited speakers can organise also a symposium, but not be first author of one of the symposium contributions;
  • The same person can co-author more than one contribution.
  • As the abstracts will be published and may be cited, they should summarise your work so that your study can be understood without additional information.

The Scientific Committee works to ensure that symposium presentations are not repeated as talks during an oral abstract session or poster presentation.

If you have any questions, please contact

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