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Silent Auction

Contribute to EFP 2015 Silent Auction and donate your items to be sold!

The 6th European Federation for Primatology Meeting Organising Committee, in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute of Italy, announces the EFP 2015 Silent Auction to raise funds for a primate education/conservation project.

You are encouraged to bring along any of your primate-related items, also artwork from a primate host country, and donate it to the auction. Auction items can be anything (t-shirts, toys, knick-knacks, post-cards, books etc.) old and new ones. Please, support this event and bring your donations to the meeting. Anything might be sold and contribute to a successful auction!

The Jane Goodall Institute will host this event, while celebrating 55 years since, on July 14th 1960, Jane first set foot on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, in what is now Tanzania’s Gombe National Park.

Because of the Organising Committee strong will to use funds raised by the auction for a concrete and tangible purpose, a dedicated panel (composed by three EFP scientists) will be selecting one specific project out of the several carried out and proposed by the JGI. It would be our pleasure to notify all EFP participants as soon as project selection will be over, and details about the winner project will be shared both at this site and during the Congress, at the Silent Auction desk.

Silent Auction desk will be located in the Basement Hall (Underground Floor, -1). The auction will take place throughout the entire duration of the EFP Meeting, and will only sell unique items donated for the purpose by EFP participants. Each item will be provided with a bid sheet, containing the item description, place of origin, value, donor, and starting bid. Every participant will be able to make an offer by writing her/his first and last name on the bid sheet and the desired amount of money.

Bids close at 11.30AM (at the end of morning coffee break) on last meeting day, August 28th, to allow EFP and JGI Staff to find people who have won each item with their latest offering and finalize the sale. Items can be bought with cash or by bank transfer (Jane Goodall Institute Roots&Shoots – Italia, IBAN: IT 15X 05262 16080 CC0800013247, Banca Popolare Pugliese / Agenzia 80 – Lecce). Final total amount of money obtained and buyer names who contributed to it, will be acknowledged during Awards and Farewell time at the end of last meeting day (5.15-7.00PM, on August 28th).

Please, remember to hand your donation to EFP and JGI Staff when registering to the meeting. EFP and JGI Staff will be ready for you already at welcome cocktail! If it is more convenient to you to mail your donation, you are welcome to contact JGI Staff: Ms. Elettra D’amico and Ms. Flaminia Casadei at And please, do not forget to provide information about the item such as its description, place of origin, and name of the donor.

If you have any questions, please contact

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