Science Department, Roma Tre University EFP Unit of Cognitive Primatology, ISTC-CNR Italian Primatological Association

Scientific Programme



The congress consists of 5 plenary sessions, 8 symposia, thematic sessions and 2 poster sessions.

PLENARY SESSIONS: each plenary will take place in the biggest room at the Department building (room #1, 200 seats) which will be connected via videoconference system to another room (room #2, 150 seats) to allow all participants to join the plenaries. Two plenaries are scheduled on Wednesday, August 26th (morning 9:00-9:55AM and afternoon 1:45-2:40PM), one on Thursday, August 27th (morning 8:30-9:25AM) and two on Friday, August 28th (8:30-9:25AM and 1:45-2:40PM).

Invited speakers are encouraged to deliver and preview their slides in the computer room (Floor -1) no later than the day before their scheduled presentation (see Slide Delivery & Preview below).
IMPORTANT: during Welcome Cocktail, Invited speakers who have been scheduled on Wednesday, August 26th, and did not mail in advance their power point presentation to EFP Organisers, are encouraged to deliver their slides to the EFP Staff.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS AND SYMPOSIA: Oral presentations and Symposia will be concurrently held in 3 different rooms, room #1 (Underground Floor, -1), room #2 (Ground Floor, 0) and room #6 (First Floor, 1). Oral presentations and Symposia are scheduled on Wednesday 26th (10:00AM-5:30PM), on Thursday 27th (9:30AM-5:00PM) and on Friday 28th (9:30AM-5:15PM).

POSTER SESSIONS: Two evening Poster Sessions will be held on Wednesday, August 26th (5:30-7:00PM) and on Thursday, August 27th (5:00-7:00PM), in the Basement Hall (Underground Floor, -1). Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be available during the poster sessions.

Authors are encouraged to set up their poster presentations in the Basement Hall during coffee breaks and lunch time on the same day of their scheduled poster session, no later than 1:45PM. Since the Science Department Building closes at fixed hours every day, cooperation of all participants is required. For this reason, due to time constraints, Authors should remove their posters immediately following the end of their session to allow the Basement Hall being available for next morning preparation.

Authors presenting during poster session on Wednesday 26th and Thursday, August 27th may remove their poster immediately after poster session closes, from 7.00 to 7:30PM.


Power Point Presentation delivery will be already available during Welcome Cocktail.

During the meeting, all speakers are encouraged to deliver and preview their slides in the Computer Room (Underground Floor, -1) no later than the day before their scheduled presentation.

IMPORTANT: morning Speakers of the first day, Wednesday, August 26th, are encouraged to send their ppt presentations well in advance via mail at and will be notified to do so as soon as the Scientific Programme will be online at this site.

Mac users are invited to carefully check their files for software compatibility with Windows Operating System.


If you have any questions, please contact

Dipartimento di Scienze
Università degli Studi Roma Tre
Viale G. Marconi, 446 - 00146 Roma