Science Department, Roma Tre University EFP Unit of Cognitive Primatology, ISTC-CNR Italian Primatological Association

Photographic Exhibit

"90 days in the forest with capuchin monkeys"

A photo report documenting a 90 day long experience spent observing a group of bearded capuchin monkeys (Sapajus libidinosus) at Fazenda Boa Vista (Piauì, Brazil).

By Luca Antonio Marino

The photographs give an overview of capuchins’ life and behavior in the many different environments they spend their time.  Capuchins' special skills, rich social life and facial expressions make them perfect subjects for a photographer aiming at documenting wildlife and, at the same time, convey emotions through his camera lens.

The exhibition will be set in the Entrance Hall of the Science Department (Ground Floor, 0). Attendees will be free to examine the exhibit at their leisure throughout the meeting, from Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon.

Luca Marino

Luca Antonio Marino is a master student in “Ecosystem Biodiversity and Management” at the Science Department of Roma Tre University and is working for his thesis in collaboration with the National Research Council (ISTC-CNR) in Rome. His interest in ecology and animal behavior, together with his passion for photography and filming, brought him to ethological studies. In 2014, for his master thesis, he conducted a research project on wild capuchin monkeys' manipulative strategies during extractive foraging (abstract is presented at the EFP Meeting) and also filmed their foraging and sexual behavior. Moreover, he worked as editing assistant to the scientific documentary "The bearded capuchin monkeys of Fazenda Boa Vista" by Elisabetta Visalberghi and Alessandro Albani, about the life of a group of Sapajus libidinosus.

This exhibition has already been presented in Rome at La Sapienza University, Roma Tre University and at the National Research Council (CNR). Some of his photos have been selected for the Final Round of the international photo contest "Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015" (

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