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Visit to the Museo Civico Di Zoologia


Founded in 1932, the Museum houses a collection of approximately 5 million specimens ranging from snails of few millimeters in length to a whale skeleton of 16 meters. The Museum is a real Archive of Biodiversity, most of which is available only for researchers. The most important collections are entomological, malacological and ornithological ones, dated from the end of XIX century to nowadays. The curators carry on researches on the historical collections and on the local biodiversity, also thanks to the rescue of dead animals (especially marine mammals and turtles, and birds).

"Biodiversity" in the animal kingdom is the basic theme of the permanent exhibition. From the “Amori Bestiali” (Beastle Loves) halls to the magnificent Skeleton Hall visitors become familiar with the diverse animal shape and fitness, so they could understand the origin of this diversity and the adaptation to different extreme environments.

The Museum is also used as a center for cultural events, as temporary exhibitions, conferences for a general public ("Happy Hours on Science"), science theater, scientific congresses. Educational support, that is directed to all level schools, uses the modern methodology based on models promoting an active and personal understanding knowledge.

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