Université Européenne d'Eté 2015

The Université Européenne d'Eté (UEE) is jointly organized by ENS-Lyon, the University of Lausanne and Roma Tre University. This summer school gives the students a unique occasion to approach languages and scripts usually regarded as "rare", even if they are - or were - spoken by millions of speakers.

Only the UEE can give you high-level teachers, most recent research results in oriental languages and literatures, an academic environment, access to an academic library during your stay.

The three institutions are committed to the cultural and scientific rigor of the summer school, which are the basis of the tradition of excellence of the UEE. 

UEE divides its language courses in Major (40-hour) and Minor (12-hour) ones. The UEE also provides students with scholarly conferences about important topics of shared interests.

UEE's 2015 edition will be held at Roma Tre University July 13th  through July 22nd.





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This year Major Courses (40h) are: 

  • Akkadian (beginner)
  • Arabic 1 (beginner)
  • Arabic 2 (advanced)
  • Arabic 3 (introduction to the Arabic literature)
  • Armenian (beginner)
  • Classical Greek 1 (beginner)
  • Classical Greek 2 (advanced)
  • Hebrew 1 (beginner)
  • Hebrew 2 (advanced)
  • Hittite and Hurrian (beginner)
  • Latin (beginner) 
  • Persian (beginner)
  • Syriac (beginner)
  • Turkish (beginner)

This year Minor Courses (12h) are: 

  • Maghreb Arabic dialects (beginner)
  • Near-East Arabic dialects (beginner)
  • Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions
  • The organization of the lexicon in Semitic languages (Arabic and Hebrew)
  • Pashto (beginner)
  • Sumerian (beginner)
  • Texts processing for Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac : beginner)
  • Elamite



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