Marco Boella







Curriculum Vitae




  • Phd Student (3rd year) at University of Rome "La Sapienza", under the supervison of Prof G. Lancioni


Research fields

  • Computational linguistics applied to Arabic language (involving information retrieval, grammar models in computational environments, automatic treatment of text, semantic ontologies, modelization of information's structure, encoding and XML storing, distance learning).
  • Language teaching and sociolinguistics (Arabic as language of International Organizations)


Ongoing projects

  • Automatic segmentation of Ḥadīth : In the frameworks of SALAH project and my PhD work, this sub-project aims to identify internal native structures in ḥadīth textual content in order to analyse them and design a program named HadExtractor that  automatically can: (a) read full collections and identify single ḥadīths; (b) segment, for each ḥadīth, isnād from matn; (iii) extract from each isnād all transmitters’ names together with relative supplementary information (position, typology and direction of transmission). These achievements are explored by using the syntax of Regular Expressions as powerful model to match complex patterns in texts.
  • Graphic automatic representation of Ḥadīth transmitters' chains: In the frameworks of SALAH project and my PhD work, this sub-project aims to employs the extracted data from isnād in trying to build a graphical tree-representation of all the transmission’ s chains related to all ḥadīths in a given collection . This is made achievable by using some implications of the graph’s theory.
  • Categorial grammar for information retrieval in Arabic: As part of my PhD work and in close coordination with Prof. Lancioni this sub-project aims to  explore the 'computational' fitting of some grammar models, such as the Combinatory-Categorial Grammar, in order to design information retrieval tools for Arabic texts.
  • Text treatment and information retrieval in Classical Arabic Texts: The  results  achieved in the  above projects (in particular automatic segmentation and information retrieval from texts) are employed to test such analysis in other semi-strcutured test of Arabic classic tradition, such as dictionaries, thesaura and enciclopaedies.


Selected publications and working papers

 [read the CV for complete list of publications]

  • M. Boella, F.R. Romani, A. Al-Raies, C. Solimando, G. Lancioni 'The SALAH Project: Segmentation and Linguistic Analysis of Ḥadīṯ Arabic Texts' in M. V. Salem, K. Shaalan, F. Oroumchian, A. Shakery, H. Khelalfa, Proceedings of the Seventh Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, Springer, Heidelberg, in press.
  • M. BoellaReading a text, finding a database. An anachronistic interpretation of ḥadīths in light of information science, to be published.
  • M.Boella, 'Automatic extraction of information: drafting a "ḥadīṯ grammar" through text regularities' [ working paper presented during the 2nd Colloquium of Arabic Linguistics, rome 2-4 December 2010].


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