Giuliano Lancioni

Dipartimento di Lingue Letterature e Culture Straniere
Università Roma Tre
via del Valco di San Paolo, 19 - 00146, Roma

room: 3.15, third floor

tel: ++39 06 5733 8345
fax: ++39 06 57338344


Curriculum Vitae (IT)




  • Professor of Arabic Language and Literature
  • Coordinator of teaching and research activities  of Arabic Studies Section, Department of  Foreing Languages, Literature and Cultures at Roma Tre University.



Research fields


History of Arabic linguistics and lexicography, Classical Arabic and Modern standard Arabic  syntax, Arabic dialectology, History of Arabic language and classical literature. In particluar:

  • Computational linguistics (Automatic retrieval of morphological and syntactic information from non-processed Arabic texts, morphological analysis, encoding and transliteration tools).
  • Linguistics (Hierarchical structure of Arabic verbal system)
  • Formulaic elements in classical Arabic



Ongoing projects

[to be updated]

  • In the framework of SALAH, he is the project's coordinator and he works on lexicalization and automatic morphological analysis and tagging.
  • Categorial grammar for information retrieval in Arabic:  this project aims to  explore the 'computational' fitting of some grammar models, such as the Combinatory-Categorial Grammar, in order to design information retrieval tools for Arabic texts.
  • Arabic text encoding tools



Selected publications and working papers

  • Full list of publications (webpage)




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