Eleonora Di Vincenzo







Curriculum Vitae





  • Adjunt Professor of Arabic Language and Literature at Roma Tre University since 2011.
  • Research Fellow within the ERC ADV project "Greek into Arabic: Philosophical Concepts and Linguistic bridges", University of Pisa (January-December 2014).

Research fields

  • Textual criticism.
  • History of Arabic Sciences and Philosophies.
  • Greek-Arabic lexicons. 


Ongoing projects

     At the moment I am working on two critical edition:

  • the encyclopaedic work on pharmacognosy, Kitāb al-adwiya 'l-mufrada by Abū Ǧaʽfar al-Ġāfiqī (d. 1165).
  • the poem on astronomy entitled Sirāǧ fī ‘ilm al-falak, by Abū Zayd al-Aḫdarī (16th c.).

     Within the project "Greek into Arabic" I deal with establishing linguistic correspondences between ancient Greek and Arabic          into philosophical works. 


Selected publications and working papers




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