Anjela Al-Raies

Anjela Al-Raies





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  • Foreign language teacher (Roma Tre University)


Research fields

  • Language teaching (Teaching Educated Spoken Arabic)

  • Translation studies


Ongoing projects

  •  Language teaching: This project aims to develop a learning model of spoken varieties that could be useful for Arabic learners who already have some knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Many teachers of Arabic agree that it is important that university courses offer the students some knowledge of spoken varieties, but it is still a limited practice especially in Italian universities. But, even if a spoken variety is introduced, usually it happens in an advanced stage of study, so that the students are shocked by re-starting in studying “another” Arabic from the very beginning. In this way, they are taken back to the every-day life lexicon and basic communicative situations that they faced already during the first year. It is important to notice that this basic language competences are usually acquired through an artificial variety since natives do not use formal Arabic for day-life situations. The purpose of this research is to fill this gap, suggest an integrated approach of both varieties contemporarily and to define a syllabus  that starts from acquiring some communicative competences directly in dialectal Arabic. In later stages, it takes advantage of prior  background knowledge in MSA in order to approach high varieties of spoken language (ESA), so that students can develop passive competences in a first step, and then move to the active ones. 


Selected publications and working papers




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