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Selected Publications

Selected papers published in refereed journals (post 2014)

  1. Fiordelisi, F., Galloppo, G., (forthcoming). Stock market reaction to policy interventions. European Journal of Finance.
  2. Fiordelisi, F., Degli Innocenti M., Girardone, C., Radic, N. (forthcoming). Competition and risk-taking in Investment Banking. Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments.
  3. Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, O., Stentella Lopes F.S. (2017). The Unintended Consequences of the Single-Supervisory Mechanism Launch in Europe, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysys, 52, no. 6, pp. 1-27
  4. Fiordelisi, F., Carboni, M, Ricci, O., Stentella Lopes F.S. (2017). Surprised or Not Surprised? The investors' reaction to the Comprehensive Assessment preceding the launch of the Banking Union, Journal of Banking & Finance, 74, 122-132
  5. Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, O., (2016). "Whatever it takes": An Empirical Assessment of the Value of Policy Actions in Banking, Review of Finance, 20, 2321–2347
  6. Fiordelisi F., Carretta A., Farina V., Stentella Lopes, F.S., Schwizer P., 2015. Supervisory styles and Financial Soundness toward the banking Union, Journal of Banking and Finance, 52, 180-188
  7. Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, O., 2014. Corporate Culture and CEO Turnover. Journal of Corporate Finance, 28, 66-82
  8. Fiordelisi, F, Monferrà, S., Sampagnaro, G., 2014. Relationship lending and Credit Quality. Journal of Financial Services Research, 46, 295–315
  9. Fiordelisi, F., Mare, D., 2014. Competition and Financial Stability in European Cooperative Banks. Journal of International Money and Finance, 45, 1–16
  10. Fiordelisi, F., Soana, G., Schwizer, P. 2014. Reputational Losses and Operational Risk in Banking, European Journal of Finance, 20, 105–124
  11. Fiordelisi, F., Galloppo, Ricci, O., 2014. The effect of monetary policy interventions on interbank markets, equity indices and G-SIFIs during the crisis, Journal of Financial Stability, 11, 49– 61


Papers submitted to refereed journals

  1. Bank stability and enforcement actions in banking (with S. Caiazza, M. Cotugno e V. Stefanelli)
  2. Corporate Culture and Stock Price Informativeness (with I, Hasan, Aswani, J., Chatterjee, S., Leung, W.L.).
  3. Firm’s Market Culture: the role of Institutional ownership, earning management and crash management (with Harry, T. Philip D., and Panayiotis C. Andreou).
  4. The competition-stability nexus at times of crisis: money on the table for European banks (with D. Mare, P. Molyneux).


Work in progress

  1. Culture, Risk-Taking, and Banking Supervision (with P. Raghavendra Rau, R. Cerqueti)
  2. Are Contingent Convertibles Going-Concern Capital? Evidence from Bank Stock Returns (with O. Ricci, G. Pennacchi)
  3. Non-performing loans in European banking (coautori: Cerulli, G., D’Apice, V., Masala, F.). Presented at the American Economic Association, 2018 conference
  4. The opportunist use of the asset threshold in the Single Supervisory Mechanism (coautori: Cerulli, G., Marques-Ibanez, D.).
  5. Does Corporate Culture Matter for Firm Value? Evidence from the 2008-09 Financial Crisis (with Fang, Y, Fiordelisi, F., Hasan, I., and Leung, W.S.).
  6. Learning by Observing and Learning by Listening: the effect of monetary policy actions (with Caiazza S., Galloppo, G., Ricci, O.)
  7. Risk culture in banking: just words? (coautori: Carretta, A., Bianchi, N., Farina, V.).


Papers published in refereed journals (prior 2012)

  1. Fiordelisi, F., D. Marquez-Ibanez, 2013. In search of systematic risk in banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, 2000-2010.
  2. Fiordelisi, F., Mare, D., 2013. Probability of default and efficiency in cooperative banking. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 26, 30-45.
  3. Fiordelisi, F., Soana, M., Schwizer, P., 2013 The determinants of reputational risk in the banking sector. Journal of Banking and Finance, 37, 1359-1371.
  4. Fiordelisi, F., Girardone, C., Radic, N. 2012. Efficiency and risk-taking in pre-crisis investment banks. Journal of Financial Services Research, 41:81–101.
  5. Cipollini A., Fiordelisi, F., 2012, Economic Value, competition and financial distress in European banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 36, 3101-3109.
  6. Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, O., 2011. Bancassurance efficiency gains: evidence from the Italian banking and insurance industries. European Journal of Finance, 17, 789-810.
  7. Fiordelisi, F., Marques-Ibanez, D., Molyneux, P., 2011. Efficiency and risk-taking in European banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 35, 1315-1326. This paper is also available in the ECB working paper series, no. 1211, June 2010.
  8. Fiordelisi, F., Carretta, A., Farina V., Martelli, D., Schwizer, P., 2011. The impact of corporate governance press news on stock market returns. European Financial Management, 17, 100–119.
  9. Battaglia, F., Farina, V., Fiordelisi, F., Ricci, O., 2010. The efficiency of cooperative banks: the impact of environmental economic conditions. Applied Financial Economics, 20, 1363–1376.
  10. Fiordelisi, F., Molyneux, P., 2010. The determinants of shareholder value in European Banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, 1189–1200.
  11. Fiordelisi, F., Molyneux, P., 2010. Total factor productivity and shareholder return in banking, Omega - The International Journal of Management Science, 38, 241–253.
  12. Fiordelisi, F., 2007. Shareholder value efficiency in banking. Journal of Banking and Finance, 31, 2151–2171.
  13. Fiordelisi, F., Molyneux, P. 2004. Efficiency in the factoring industry. Applied Economics, 90, 947 – 959

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