Claudio Faccenna


My research is focused on understanding coupling between mantle dynamics and tectonics. I am interested on subduction, mountain building, exhumation and topography-surface evolution. I am also interested in fluid circulation and faulting.

Field work has included the Mediterranean (Spain, Morocco, Italy, Lybia, Greece, Turkey), Pakistan, Antarctica, and Argentina. I am presently working in Turkey, Colombia, Ethiopia, Iran and Apennines.

At Roma TRE, I am running the Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET) where we perform scaled experiments to model geological processes, from mantle convection to earthquake deformation.


Full Professor,

Università Roma TRE,

Dept. of  Sciences

L. S.  Murialdo 1 00143 Roma


flowing mantle in the Med (Faccenna&Becker.10.pdf)


  1. 1.2016 2 PhD position open on modelling and geomorphology

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  1. 2.Download the Stephan Muller medal talk at EGU 2014 from :


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