Mauro Dorato  




Work address:                                                 University of Rome 3,

Department of Philosophy

Via Ostiense 234, 00144, Rome, Italy




CURRENT OCCUPATION:                     Full Professor for the Philosophy of Science at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Rome Three since 01.10.2005






The Johns Hopkins                                                           — Ph. D. (May 1992)


                                                                    — Diploma from the Center for History and Philosophy of  Science (1989)


                                                                                               — M.A. in Philosophy (1988)


The University of Rome                                                    — Laurea (i.e., BS+MS) in Mathematics

   “La Sapienza”                                                                               (27 Jan. 1993)


                                                                                               — Laurea (i.e., BA+MA) in Philosophy

                                                                                                                    (6 Dec. 1982)




June  2012                                Visiting professor at the Departiment of Philosophy, University of Bielefeld                         

Spring 1996                                   Visiting fellow at the University of Cambridge (UK).


Fall 1995-1996:                             Visiting scholar at the Center for History and Philosophy of Science of the University of Pittsburgh. 



                                                 Fullbright scholar at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. (1986-7)

                                                 Post-doc scholar at the University of Padua (1995-1997)



 EDITORIAL ACTIVITIES           Editor for L&PS (logic and philosophy of science) SINCE 2005 (

Co-editor in chief of the European Journal for Philosophy of Science, (EJPS),

(first published by Springer, 1 issue in 2011)

Member of the editorial board of Epistemologia and Colloquium Philosophicum




Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Dialectica, International Studies for Philosophy of Science, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, Epistemologia, Erkenntnis The Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Physics, European Journal for Analytic Philosophy, Foundations of Science, Synthese








Swiss National Science Foundation, British Research Council AHRS, National Science Foundation (USA),

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO, the Dutch Research Council)




Member of the steering committee of the European Philosophy of Science Association (created in 2007).


Co-chair of the Program Committee for the first conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, to be held in Madrid in November 9-11 2007


Member of the steering committee of the International Society for the study of spacetime (Concordia University, Montreal)


Member of the Program Committee for the series of international conferences The ontology of spacetime (Concordia University, Montreal)


Since 2008 Corresponding member of the Academie Internationale des Philosophie des Sciences. Nominated ordinary member in 2011.


Since 2010 Member of the Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe)

From 2008 to 2011 member of the steering committee of the Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science (SILFS)

Since April 30 2011 President of the Italian Society of Logic and Philosophy of Science (SILFS)






Time and Reality. Spacetime physics and the objectivity of temporal becoming. CLUEB, Bologna, 1995.

The Software of the Universe. An Introduction to the History and Philosophy of the Laws of Nature, Ashgate, 2005 (transl. from Il Software dell’Universo, B. Mondadori, 2000, see below)

M. Suarez, M. Dorato, and M. Redei (eds.), EPSA Epistemology and Methodology of Science. Proceedings of the first conference of the European Philosophy of Science Association, Springer, Dordrecht, 2 voll, 2010.


Reviews of the first book:

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Reviews of the second book


J. Roberts, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics, 37 (2006), pp. 738–744

E. Tobin, International Studies in Philosophy of Science, 2008, n.3, 230-233.

M. Schrenk, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 62, 2011, 225-232


Forthcoming papers

Mathematical biology and the existence of biological laws”, in D. Dieks, W. Gonzales, S. Hartmann, T. Uebel, M. Weber (eds), Probabilities, Laws and Structure, Springer, 2011, pp.

with Matteo Morganti, Grades of Individuality, Philosophical Studies

Published Papers


Presentism/Eternalism and Endurantism/Perdurantism: why the unsubstantiality of the first debate implies that of the second, Philosophia Naturalis 49, 1, pp.25-41

with A. Cei, Preface to “Physics, philosophy and bridging two gaps. In honor of Sir Michael Dummett, in A. Cei, M. Dorato (eds.) European Journal of Analytic Philosophy, vol.8, No.1,

The natural ambiguity of "natural" and how to overcome it, Epistemologia,35, pp.71-87


“Dispositions and propensities in the ontology of quantum mechanics: some critical remarks” in M. Suárez (ed.) "Probabilities, Causes, and Propensities in Physics", Synthese Library, Springer, pp. 197-218, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4020-9904- 5_9, 2011.

with Carl Hoefer, “Editorial”, European Journal for Philosophy of Science: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2011), Page 1. DOI: 10.1007/s13194-011-0021-y

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Edited book:


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Published papers

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                            26 April,  the University of Konstanz




4 December          University of Athens, On natural laws, workshop with Steven French


20 November       University of Bonn, On time and existence in special relativity


19 October          Presentation at the European science foundation conference, Dreibergen-Zeist, Holland


15 April                Presentation at the conference Metaphysics in Science, Dubrovnik




2 April                          Talk on Causal Power and Disposition in HotelSonloup, Les Avants, Lousanne, for the Congress Causation in Biomedical sciences. Philosophical and Historical aspects.

7, 8 9 May                    Presentation at the Conference Pragmatism and Naturalism, Tilburg, The Netherlands

11 June                         Presentation at the conference Time and the Universe Tau (Montreal)

13 June                         Presentation at the 3rd Conference The Ontology of Spacetime, Concordia Montreal

15-16 September         Presentation to Conference organized by the Academie de Philosophie de Sciences on Natural and Human sciences

19 December               Commentator of D. Dieks paper at the meeting European Science Foundations, Vienna, Section Philosophy of Physics







29-31 Marzo                “Do dispositions and propensities have a role in the philosophy of quantum mechanics?”, 15th UK and European Meeting on the Foundations of Physics, University of Leeds

10-11 September         Connecting objective becoming with the conventionality of simultaneity, presented at the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science: Italian Trends in the Philosophy of Science

9 October               Congress of the Italian society of logic and philosophy of science (SILFS)  (Commentary to Carlo Rovelli’s paper)

17 October                  Participation to the congress Autonomy of Reason? Rome

27 October                  Conference to the Festival della scienza (festival of science) Genoa

6 November                International conference in honor of H. Putnam

29 November              Seminar in Louvain la Neuve on the role of mathematics in laws of nature

30 November              Seminar in Bruxelles on Becoming in physics and psychology





8-11 June                           Presentation at the Second conference on the Ontology of spacetime, Montreal, University of Concordia


14-18 June                         Presentation to the first Congress of History of Philosophy of Science Society in Paris (with Marcello Montibeller)


6-7 October                     Presentation at the conference Probabilities, Causes and Propensities in Physics (Universidas Complutense, Madrid)


13-14 October              Presentation “Structural spacetime realism and the evaporation of the substantivalism-relationism debate” for the meeting “Physics meets Philosophy at every scale”, Parma





17-21 January                    Presentation at the conference Endophysics, Time, the Quantum and the Subjective, Zentrum für Interdisziplinäre Forschung, Bielefeld

27-31 August                    Two presentations: one at the European Congress for Analitic Philosophy; the other at the special symposium Quantum information and philosophy”, both held in Lisbon

5-10 September                 Congress in Losini for the 70th birthday of G.C. Ghirardi




7-8 May                 Presentation at the conference “The Arrow of Time in Physics and Philosophy”, organized at the l’ULB of Louvain, Belgium, by Michel Ghins on account of the European Science Foundation


11-14 May          Presentation at the conference The Ontology of Spacetime, held at the Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. For this conference I have contributed to evaluate the submitted papers and to organize the sessions


15-19 July          Presentation at the conference “Time in the Natural sciences” at the Center for Time at the University of Sydney


11-13 October   Presentation at the conference “God and the Laws of nature”, Varenna, Italy


29-30 November   organization of the workshop Time in Physics and Philosophy                                              




May  8             Seminar at the Dept. of Phyisics at the University of Florence:

                           “Why are most laws of nature mathematical?”


25-29 August:     Talk at the International conference on the relation between mathematics and physics,Lussino,      Croazia

8-11 October :     Conference at the meeting “Reason and Reasonableness”


26-28 November: The nature of scientific explanation University of Milano “Bicocca 




19-21September               Presentation of a paper at the international meeting organized by Paris X Nanterre e and by the Ecole Politecnique on Causal Power and Dispositions


3-6 October                       Sixth meeting of the Pittsburgh-Konstanz colloquium at the University of Pittsburgh


28-30 November               Commentator at the IX meeting of the Italian-Spanish philosophy




24-27 May: “Language Rules and Laws of Nature” The 5th Baltic Workshop on Logic and Philosophy of Science.


4-8 June: Invitation to present “Determinism, Chance and Freedom, at the international congress on Determinism, Tegernsee, Freiburg


17-21 June: History and philosophy of cosmology (Monteporzio)


28 June: Seminar at the Institut für Grenzgebiet der Psychologie und Psychohygienie  (Freiburg)




2-4 November

        Talk at the PSA 2000 meeting in Vancouver

4-6 October

        Talk at the meeting of the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy



27-29 September

Talk at the meeting on the philosophy of time at the London School of Economics, for the Royal Series in Philosophy, 2000



        20-26 August, Congress of the Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science, Cracow, Poland

Invited lecture on the philosophy of space and time for the philosophy of physics session





21-25 October

        PSA 98 meeting in Kansas City, USA

         Participation to the symposium Special Relativity and Ontology; (the title of my paper is “Becoming and the arrow of causation”), co-symposiasts J. Balashov and S. McCall, commentator R. Clifton.


23-25 September Bologna

        Italian congress of the society for analytic philosophy.                                                                                    




17-20 April. Triest, Italy

                Invitation to present “Gödel’s two relativistic arguments for the ideality of time” at the international conference organized by the SIFF (Italian Society for the Philosophy and the Foundations of physics).




5-8 September, Leeds, England

                Invitation to present the paper “Mental causation and the reality of tenses” at the congress of the ESAP (European Society for Analytic Philosophy).


19-26 May, Castiglioncello, Italy

                Commentator in the section “Space and Time” to John Norton’s and Andreas Bartel’s papers, presented at the annual meeting of the Fellows of the Center for History and Philosophy of Science of the University of Pittsburgh.


14 May, Cambridge, England

                “The tensed theory of time and spacetime physics”, paper presented at the Department of philosophy of the University of Cambridge.




29 September 1995, Pittsburgh

                Talk for the Lunchtime Colloquium Series “On Becoming, Relativity, Nonseparability”.


19-25 August, Florence

                “Becoming in Minkowski spacetime”, presented at the 10th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of science in the section philosophy of physics.


24-28 May, Parma Italy

                “Measurability, computability and the existence of theoretical entities”, presented at the International congress of the Acadèmie de Sciences.


18-21 May, Poel, Germany

                “Three views of the relationship between time and reality”, presented at the Internation congress on the philosophy of time, organized by J. Faye, M. Urchs and Scheffler.




19 e 26 November, Vienna, Austria

                Two seminars on Tarski’s indefinability theorem within the course held by prof. Herbert Hrachovec of the University of Vienna on Gödel’s incompleteness theorems (Gödel Unentscheidbarkeitsbeweis).