Centro di Ricerca interdipartimentale di Economia delle Istituzioni
Università degli Studi Roma Tre

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Basilica di S.Paolo - Rome


Institutions and economic system

  • Institutions in an historical and economic perspective
  • Evolution of the economic thinking about the role of institutions
  • Political cycles and economic performance
  • Fiscal decentralization
  • Efficiency of the civil and penal Judiciary system
  • Economics and politics of culture
  • Market failures and regulation
  • Strategic interaction and game theory for the analysis of institutions
  • Theory and practice of non-profit organisations
  • Global governance

Analysis of economic policies

  • Stabilisation policies ad international economic interdependence
  • Factoral analysis in Macroeconomic
  • Forecasting and monetary shocks
  • Competition and anti-trust policies
  • Regulation of network services
  • Tributary systems
  • Private sector development policies
  • The policies of the European Commission
  • The agricultural policies of countries and international organisations
  • Trade and environmental policies
  • The evaluation of public policies

Development, growth and innovation

  • Technological capabilities, learning and innovation
  • Global value chains, clusters, innovation and competitiveness
  • The Institutional determinants of growth
  • Human and sustainable development and its measurement
  • Poverty: measurement and policies
  • Local and regional development policies
  • Science and technology policies in developed and developing countries
  • Tourism economics and local development

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