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Venue: Hermel, Lebanon
Co-ordinator: Prof. Francesco Antonelli
Partner: Planning and Development Agency of Hermel region (PDA)

The project is co-funded by EUROPEAID - YOUTH ACTION Programme. Lessons about peacekeeping will be organized in Hermel city; at the lessons will be take part both Italian both Lebanon students.

ECO_BEST ( Electric Car Objective – Behavioural choicE analysiS for Transport )


ECOBEST was born in 2012 thanks to the initiative by Roma 3 University aim at promoting the internationalization of research. The foundamental goal of ECOBEST is to study the choice models which determine the purchase of electric and alternative fuels vehicles, taking explicit account of behavioral, technological and environmental aspects. This allow to develop a scenario analysis that will allow the evaluation of the promotion policies and incentives for the purchase of eco-friendly vehicles. The choice of vehicles has, in fact, a crucial impact both on economical and environmental levels. ECOBEST involves 5 Departments and laboratory from Roma 3 University: Department of Public Institutions, Economics and Society, Department of Civil Enginnering Sciences, Department of economics, Centre for Research on the Economics Institutions, DRIPEA; 5 international partners: Cornell University, University of Sydney, RAND Corporation- Europe, Ecole Polytechnique Fèdèral de Lausanne, Technion University and 5 partners from Italy: University of Trieste, University Cà Foscari, La Sapienza University, Energy Lab Foundation and University Bocconi.

Industrial Policy Training Workshop organised by SADRN and CREI


Date(s): 2008-12-09 to 2008-12-11
Venue: Gaborone, Botswana
Co-ordinator: Prof. Carlo Pietrobelli (Ph.D., Oxford, Ph.D. Rome), (CREI).
Instructors: Prof. Carlo Pietrobelli (Ph.D., Oxford, Ph.D. Rome) and Prof. Hugo Kantis (Ph.D., Barcelona)

Together with the South African TIPS (Trade and Industrial Policy Services), CREI organised a training workshop on Industrial Policies for SADC Countries. The event was attended by academics and policy makers responsible for industrial policies (DGs of the respective Ministries) of the fifteen SADC member countries. The workshop represented an important opportunity to provide to these countries support for the formulation of industrial policies.

PRIN 2008: “An integrated analysis of FDI: Micro, meso and macro determinants and consequences”


This research project, in which the CREI collaborates together with the Department of Economics of Roma Tre, is part of a broader national project coordinated by Porf. Riccardo Leoncini of the University of Bologna and which is articulated in five different research units dislocated over the country (Bologna, Foggia, Novara, Padova and Rome). From CREI, Prof. Carlo Pietrobelli, Prof.ssa Lilia Cavallari, Prof. Stefano D’Addona, Dr. Riccardo Crescenzi and Dr. Elisabetta Pugliese participate actively in the project.

The aim of CREI Research Unit is to analyse the impact on the EU of the FDI from the Emerging Powers, by adopting a micro, meso and macro perspective. Thus, particular attention is paid to the characteristics of the local system of innovation of the areas that receive the investments, as well as to the exchange rate and monetary determinants of the investment flows. The project also aims at identifying the effects of the FDI flows on poverty, on the development of the local system of innovation (both of senders and receivers) and on the international division of labour. During 2010 the studies will be presented in WP, workshops and conferences.

CASCC: “Chinese Foreign Direct Investments: Implications for Europe and Italy"


CREI participates in this project of the Centre of Advanced Studies on Contemporary China, together with the University of Bologna (Prof. Ottaviano), the Bocconi University in Milan (Prof. Onida) and the University of Piemonte Orientale (Prof.ssa Rabellotti). The project will end in 2009.

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