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List of recent publications
  • Studi Somali 16
    Folk Songs from Somalia
    Collected and translated by Axmed Cartan Xaange
    Ed. by Annarita Puglielli - Roma, Roma TrE-Press, 2014
    This book presents a collection of folk songs belonging to the nomadic society of the central and north-eastern Somalia. The 191 songs contained in this volume range over a great variety of song types (nursery songs, work songs, entertainment songs) and witness an important aspect of Somali oral literature. They were recorded and translated by Axmed Cartan Xaange, who grew up in the pastoral community in the north-eastern part of the country. With this collection the author aimed at preserving a valuable patrimony of the Somali people, for the benefit of both Somali and foreign readers. The book can be downloaded free from Roma TrE-Press.

  • Puglielli A. e Cabdalla Cumar Maansur ( a cura di ), Qaamuuska Af-Soomaaliga, Roma TrE-Press, 2012.
    The Dictionary is available on line and can be downloaded freely at the following address:
    It can also be orderd on demand via internet.

  • Grassivaro Gallo P., Vincere l'infibulazione si può. Il 'rito alternativo' e il programma di prevenzione di Maana Sudaan ‘Abdurahman' Cali Iise a Merka (Somalia), 2012

  • Frascarelli M., (a cura di) A Country called Somalia: Culture, Language and Society of a vanishing State, L’Harmattan Italia, 2011.

  • Puglielli A., ( a cura di) Lessons in Survival: The language and Culture of Somalia, L'Harmattan Italia, 2009


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