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  • Somalia Archive
    Our objective is to create an Internet Archive where will be available:

  • I All the materials and documents collected by researchers and professors in Somalia during the cooperation period with the Somali National University and the Academy of Sciences, Arts and Literature in Moqadishu, now available at the Centro di studi Somali. We will also try to collect more from other sources.

    II The products of research work on Somalia - in the context od the Horn of Africa- such as:
    • Bibliographies in different fields
    • Papers and books, many of which difficult toh ave access to
    • Poems collections and other unpublished materials
    • Videos by anthropologists
    • Posters and photos collections

    III Text books and teaching materials used in Somali schools in the 80s, and also materials produced for the Somali National University.
  • Riorganization of the lexical Data-base for Somali Language
  • Archive research for the history of 'ascari'
    Research to be conducted at the archives of Italian Ministries in order to obtain data for a deeper knowledge of 'Ascari'; in particular their identity, their deeds and their diaries. This research was requested to MAE by the President of Eritrea Isaias Afewerki.


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