Centro di Ricerca interdipartimentale di Economia delle Istituzioni
Università degli Studi Roma Tre

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About CREI

Colosseo - Rome

The Centre for Research on the Economics of Institutions (CREI), was created by the joint initiative of three Departments of the University of Roma Tre (the Departments of Economics, the Department of Public Institutions, Economics and Society and by the Department of Law and Economics).

The Centre promotes the economic analysis of institutions and their decision-making processes, and of national and international public policies, by adopting a multidisciplinary perspective.

The CREI continues the experience of the Centre for Studies of the Economics of Institutions (CSEI), founded in 1977 by scholars in Economics and Statistics at the Faculties of Political Science and Law. CSEI organised many national and international seminars and conferences and represented a new ground for research and discussion about the role of institutions in economics..

Indeed, the role of institutions has not always been deemed important by the economics profession. In contrast, it was central to the Classical school of Political Economy. However, with the increasing success of the neoclassic paradigm throughout the XX century, the importance attached to institutions as possible determinants of economic performance vanished, as testified by the almost complete disappearance of scholarly research in this field after WWII.

During the Seventies, the role played by institutions received new attention among economists, unsatisfied as they were with the dominant approach taking institutions as exogenously determined rather than endogenously influenced. New attention was also paid to the historical origin of institutions, that do not emerge suddenly from nowhere, but are the result of evolutionary processes. These historical processes, by shaping actorsí expectations, allow cooperation and coordination to emerge.

At CREI we trust that the economic and the institutional dimensions are to be considered complementary, in an attempt to understand the socio-economic processes in real concrete different contexts.

CREI main activities include research projects, seminars and conferences, higher education and training, policy advice and consulting. The Centre publishes a series of Working Papers that are part of the RePEc network, and books and reports.

In addition, CREI is open to a dialogue and actively collaborates with local public and private organizations, regulation authorities, firms and trade unions. It also collaborates with international organizations such as the European Commission and the United Nations.

Membership is open to scholars from the University of Roma Tre, as well as from other institutions (see the Statute).

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